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NFX Glass Tube Variable Area Flowmeter

The Nixon NFX Glass tube Variable Area Flowmeter is available in a full range of lengths and is available scaled for liquid or gas measurement. Customised scales match the meter to specific conditions.

There is a choice of three scale lengths for optimum readability or compact installation. Repeatability is better than 0.5% of reading to improve process control. An optional needle valve is available for precise control at reduced cost.

The tubes are removable from the frame for easy cleaning/ replacement. Angled or straight connections allow for flexible pipe layout. The meters can be simply mounted to reduce installation costs.

The instruments have a retained polycarbonate cover to ensure operator safety in the event of a breakage. The units are aesthetically styled to suit integration into original equipment
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Flow ranges: gas range 20 cc/min—115 l/min (air equivalent) • Liquid ranges 2.0 cc/min-4.6 l/min •  (water equivalent)
Scale length options - 140 mm / 100 mm / 30 mm • Accuracy Class - % 1.6 / 2.5 / 4 VDI/VDE • Temperature range - -15°C to +20°C • Maximum pressure - 20 Bar Non shock • Connections - Stainless Steel or Nickel plated brass • 1/4” BSP Female • Seals- Viton •  Flow tube - Borosilicate glass • Float- Stainless Steel, Anodised Aluminium
Variable Area Flowmeter. Displacement of a float  in a conical, Borosilicate glass tube.

Commonly used in industry to measure the flow for:

Water treatment.
Chemical processes.
Industrial Refrigeration & Air Conditioning.
Research Laboratories.
Gas Burners.
Pilot Plants.
Annealing Furnaces.
Easy Installation, no straight pipe required. • Low pressure drop. • Scaled directly in l/h ,l/m, kg/h, %, mm, etc. • Adjustable alarms, in all scales, operated magnetically or with infra-red light. • Measuring tube in Borosilicate glass. • Steel construction, coated with Polyamide 11. • Connections in Steel, AISI-316, PVC & PTFE.

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Your co-operation in pulling out all the stops to supply a replacement turbine flowmeter has meant we have not lost any production time. I am a great believer that such service should not go unrecognised.

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