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Our range of Turbine flow meters are available for both industrial (NT series) & also hygienic (BNO series) applications. Manufactured entirely in-house, this give us full capability to produce special custom versions for your specific application. 

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Welcome to Nixon Flow Meters

Nixon Flowmeters was formed in 1969 and has always specialised in the manufacture and supply of flow meter and flow measurement devices. We can supply a wide range of flowmeters from simple low cost All Plastic Variable Area flow meters through to high accuracy Turbine, Electromagnetic & Coriolis type flow meters

We manufacture and stock hold liquid flow meters and gas flowmeter types including water flow meters in many sizes. Nixon Flowmeters can offer flow meters for many applications such as fuel flow meters, oil flow meters, diesel/petrol flow meter & also flowmeters suitable for most types of chemicals & Gasses. Dedicated hygienic flow meters are also available for pharmaceutical & food applications. High Pressure versions up to 1500 bar+ & also High Temperature flow meters to 400 C + can be supplied.

With our chemically resistant, high accuracy digital & analogue flow meter designs with pulse outputs, we can handle almost any fluid or Gas. For hazardous areas, our turbine flow meter can be supplied with ATEX Intrinsically safe pick off coils.

We pride ourselves on our knowledge of flow metering & also being one of the few, true Flowmeter manufactures in the United Kingdom.

We also have our own dedicated Flow meter calibration laboratory. This is used to calibrate not only our own Flowmeters but, also those of other manufactures too. Traceability to both UKAS & National standards are available. We can calibrate flowmeters from as small as ¼” diameter, up to 8”.

  • A large range
  • Fully equipped facilities
We have a large range of secondary display instrumentation to choose from with flow rate, total flow throughput, re-transmission, batching and scaled pulse options or just simple high & low alarms contacts. . Electromagnetic flow meters are available in full bore and insertion type designs. The displays on these can show both flow rate and flow total.

Water flow meter sizes are stocked from ½” up to 2” single jet and multi jet designs with or without pulse outputs. Industrial flanged water flow meters are also available. Nixon Flowmeters are experts in the manufacture, selection and supply of flow measurement equipment and any type of flow meter can be specified and supplied. We also stock hold hundreds of low cost all plastic variable area type flowmeter for quick delivery. They are available with low/high flow switches and 4-20mA transmitters. Customs scales for various liquids & gasses are also available from stock.

We operate from our own 750 sq. mtr. Factory located in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. UK. With fully equipped machine shop and calibration facilities up to 200mm bore and flows up to 8000 litres per minute & also have our own on-site welder. As a result, we are well placed to provide many types of instruments on very short lead times.

Nixon Flowmeters Ltd hold the UK sole agency for the Tecfluid SA range of flow meters and we are a UK agent for Heinrichs GmbH. A full range of Level equipment is also available.


Badminton Close, Naunton Lane, Leckhampton, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire GL53 7BX UK Tel: +44 (0) 1242 243006  Fax: +44 (0) 1242 222487 e-mail:


Your co-operation in pulling out all the stops to supply a replacement turbine flowmeter has meant we have not lost any production time. I am a great believer that such service should not go unrecognised.

Director of Engineering
Delta Biotechnology

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