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EZ Plastic Tube Spring Restrained Flowmeter

The EZ-View series flow meter is a rugged, low-cost direct reading industrial class flow meter that is simple to install. It can be mounted (installed) in any position from vertical to horizontal without costly flow straighteners or other special plumbing. Constructed of high impact polysulfone plastic, the EZ-View product line offers excellent structural integrity and chemical compatibility with a wide range of industrial chemicals.
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EZ-View flow meters provide instantaneous, direct reading flow rate measurement of liquids and gases in closed piping systems. The transparent polysulfone plastic body allows visual inspection of the fluid condition as well as viewing of the internal flow indicator relative to a calibrated flow scale.

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EZ-View meters do not require electrical connections for operation, and provide measurement by creating a predictable differential pressure across a sharp-edged orifice that is located in the piston assembly.
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Polysulfone plastic body, piston and cone • T300-series stainless spring • Buna N flow indicator ring and pressure seals • C360 Brass, PVC, or T303 stainless fittings • Polypropylene limit indicators • PH15 – 7MO stainless retaining ring • Optional: Teflon® coated spring and retaining ring. consult factory.

TEMPERATURE RANGE: 32 °F to 250 °F (0 °C to 121 °C)

PRESSURE RATING: Liquid: 325 psi / 22.4 bar maximum;

Air/Gases: 125 psi / 8.6 bar maximum

PRESSURE DROP: See Differential Pressure Charts, page 64

ACCURACY: ±5% of full scale


1/2 to 1 inch ports.•  Easy to install, in any position. •  No special piping or flow straighteners needed. •  No electrical connections. • Direct reading indication. • Accuracy within ±5% full scale. • Relatively insensitive to shock and vibration.

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