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MT03 Electronic Converter

The MT03 is a panel mounting micro-processor based control instruments for electronic conversion.
  • ·         Electronic converter for flow and level
  • ·         Programmable via USB cable
  • ·         Winsmeter MT03 software 
  • ·         Power: 90-265 VAC 50/60 Hz // 18-36 VDC
  • ·         Full diagnosis. User selectable password 
  • ·         MODBUS RTU RS485 protocol avail
  • ·         Panel mounting with dimensions 96x96mm
  • ·         Ingress protection: IP50 front, IP30 back
  • ·         (Optional IP65 front with silicone cover)
  • ·         Ambient temperature: -20ºC ... +60ºC
  • ·         Model MT03F and MT03A (for flowmeters):
- Pulse (model F, compatible with series COVOL and TM
flowmeters), and resistance and current inputs (model A,
compatible with Tecfluid S.A. flow transmitters). Also
compatible with other pulse transmitters or flow
transmitters on the market
- Preselection and relay outputs for batching applications
(only model F)
- 5 digits local flow rate indication and 8 digits totalizer and
partial totalizer. Possibility of remote reset
- Pulse output (input signal repeater. Only model F)
- Programmable 4-20 mA analog output
- 2 x relay outputs programmable as flow rate alarms
- Mass flow rate can be measured programming the
product density
  • ·         Model MT03L (for level transmitters):
  • - Resistance and current inputs compatible with
    Tecfluid S.A. level transmitters as well as with other level
    transmitters on the market
    - 5 digits level indication
    - Programmable 4-20 mA analog output
    - 2 x relay outputs programmable as level alarms


Very simple to use. •  Direct interface to Turbines, COVOL etc. • Fully programable by user. •  Standard DIN rail mounting. • Connections with screw terminals for easy installation and maintenance. • No batteries needed, BCD switch programming.

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