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99 Series Panel Mount Display

The 99 Series comprises two DIN 92x92 mm panel mount instruments. The 99RT is a rate/totaliser with built-in alarms and the 99B a twin relay batcher. Both instruments have a clear twin LED display panel and all parameters are programmed from the front panel. The instruments are quick and easy to set up. The instrument design is very robust and the front panel rated to IP65

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99RT Rate Totaliser

The 99RT takes a pulse input from a flowmeter and simultaneously displays the flowrate and total. It also displays a non-resettable accumulated total at the touch of a button. High and low flow rate alarms can be used as part of a safety system to protect plant. There is a scaled pulse output and an analogue 4-20mA output for transmission to other instruments or control equipment.

99B Batcher

To start a batch simply press the run button. One display will show you the batch count whilst the other can be set to show either the flowrate or the preset batch quantity.
You can use the 99B in two ways.
1 Single relay operation. The run button operates a relay to control a valve or pump, which is automatically
shut off at the end of the batch.
2 Dual relay operation where two relays can be used independently to control valves and pumps for slow start
and slow stop applications.

Two LEDs show you when either of the two relays are energised.

Panel mounting instrument •  Case Black powder coated aluminium •  Bezel High impact phenolic plastic • Front t keypad • Polyester • Protection IP65 - bezel / face

H 96mm x W 96mm x D 175.4mm •  Panel cut-out 92mm x 92mm • Weight 1.2 kg

Power input: 
Batch controller, single stage •  Mains 110 or 230V AC 45-65 Hz • DC Supply 12-24V DC • 300mA typical

Power output: 
8-24V DC 50mA

6 digit 14mm high LED • 6 digit 10mm high LED

Temperature range: 

0 - 45°C

2 rows of through panel screw terminals

Input signals: 
Frequency range 0 to 5kHz.

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