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CI-420 Series Electronic Frequency to Analog Converters

The CI-420 series are rail mounting micro-processor based control instruments for frequency to analog conversion. They are fully user programable and will adapt directly to any turbine, COVOL output, or equivalent pulse generating output transducers.
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Automated process control in any industry with flow rate or volume control for interfacing with PLC and other instruments. Interface with PLC inputs. Interface with analog indicators or alarms.


Very simple to use, just select frequency for full scale output.
Direct interface to Turbines, Covol etc.
Fully programable by user.
No batteries needed, BCD switch programming.
Standard DIN rail mounting.
Connections with screw terminals for easy installation and maintenance.
0-20 mA, 4-20 mA, 0-10 V, 0-5 V, 2-10 V or 1-5 V output options.
Also available 0-24 mA option.
Adaptive filter for stable output • 12 or 16 bit resolution on analog output.

Technical Data

Power supply 110, 220, 240, 24 V ac 50-60 Hz 24 V dc  •  Power consumption < 1 VA •  Precision 0.2 % Full Scale • Temperature range -10oC...... 60oC •  Frequency range 0.1.....9999 Hz for full scale •  Cutout frequency 0.04 Hz • Input signal TM-44 20 mV...3 V ac, 0....2000 Hz •  Input signal COVOL Reed contact, 0.... 100 Hz • Consult Tecfluid for other inputs

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